Why Some Apartment Buildings Have No Earthquake Ratings

Apartment Specialists Podcast No: 155


What is the reason why some buildings in Auckland don’t have earthquake ratings? How can you be sure if an apartment building is not earthquake-prone? Find out the answers from this podcast, as Andrew Murray shares his insights and expertise regarding earthquake ratings.


Good day, Andrew Murray here from the Apartment Specialists, talking about earthquake ratings and why all apartment buildings don’t have earthquake ratings. I often get asked the question when I’m showing a person through an apartment.

It may be built in the 80s and what’s the IEP rating or earthquake rating? I said, “It doesn’t have one and the people are going, “Well why not? The one that I saw down the road’s got one, and an older one has one. I want to make sure this is not earthquake-prone.” So, I thought I’d do a podcast on it.

The reason is the council is only identifying or doing assessments on buildings that are built before 1976. The reason for this is because in 1976, the code changed. What changed was a loading element, which meant it had to pass certain regulations, which means everything built after 1976 is a lot stronger. Often times, it’s so it can handle earthquakes. Logically, they’re only assessing buildings from 1976 or before, or earlier than 1976.

I’ve also come across some heritage buildings or buildings that are older than 1976 that don’t have an earthquake rating. It has always baffled me and the reason for that is because they only started doing these IEP ratings, earthquake ratings in 2010 have until 2015 to have them all done. They just haven’t had them all done yet, and there’s no reason other than that. You’ve got to think of how many buildings are in Auckland, and how many they’ve got to go and do these assessments for.

Another thing I get asked is, “Okay, is the earthquake rating going to change?” I addressed that in another podcast. In my opinion, it’s a NO! But it doesn’t mean the IEP rating that the building has is set in stone, because that can be changed. If you do a more detailed report, and that often leads to a building being stronger. Anyway, if you search in my podcasts you’ll find more about that particular one on how to change your IEP rating.

Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists. Hope that this has been helpful.

Cheers, bye.

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